about us

Promote life and positive health globally.

Lifespan Company

Lifespan Company Limited is a privately owned company located in Spring Garden, Buff Bay, Portland, Jamaica. The company was incorporated in 2005 and trading began in June 2006 operating out of a 1200 square feet facility. In 2010, the company acquired the land by the source and completed construction on a 9000 square feet facility in 2011.

The current facility is situated on over 40 acres of land with multiple spring water sources. The current spring being abstracted from has a flow rate of over 1000 gallons per minute. The product is available in stores across Jamaica, as well as in the United Kingdom and several Caribbean islands.

In 2015, the company expanded its warehouse space to over 15000 square feet, as well as upgraded to a fully automated system which now involves blowing its own bottles.

The company is poised to become a global leader in the market place. The company has grown more than ten folds in the last five years and is on an expansion path to becoming the largest producer of bottled naturally alkaline spring water in the western hemisphere.

Vision Statement

To promote life and health as a global leader in the production of natural spring water products.

Mission Statement

Lifespan is committed to becoming a company known for its unrivalled health enhancing Spring Water Products, whilst providing excellent customer service, enhancing its harmony with nature and the environment, and adding value to its employees, shareholders and contractors.

Core Values

L- Living healthy through awareness and practice.
I- Integrity through operation and action.
F- Fostering a culture of respect, trust, team interaction, leadership, loyalty, and creativity.
E- Encouraging happiness through maximizing customer satisfaction, team member benefits and supplier fulfilment.
S- Systemizing all areas of operation through commitment to quality, value, responsible action, transparency, and accountability.
P- Promoting knowledge and healthy living through communication and corporate social responsibility.
A- Advancing quality excellence through continuous learning.
N- Nurturing positivity by embracing positive thoughts and actions, resulting in success and happiness.