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Lifespan comes in five convenient sizes.


340 mL

Our 340 mL or Baby Bottle has an easy grip feature making it perfect for toddlers and small children. It also holds one full serving of water making it perfect for lunch boxes and igloos.


500 mL

Our 500 mL contains 2.5 servings of Lifespan in each bottle. These bottles also come with our easy grip feature making it the perfect companion on the go.

1.5 litre

1.5 Litre

Our 1.5 Litre bottle is great for sport enthusiasts. This bottle comes with our easy grip feature for easy handling during workouts. This bottle contains 6.3 servings of Lifespan.

5 litre

5 litre

Our 5 Litre bottle is perfect for home users. This bottle contains 25 servings of Lifespan. Our 5 litre bottle also comes with an easy grip handle for easy transportation.