source & environment

The water is naturally alkaline with a pH of 7.9

The Source


The Spring Garden Aquifer, the source of Lifespan Spring Water descends from the Blue Mountains and reaches out to the Northern Coastal parish of Portland, Jamaica. Located outside of Buff Bay, the aquifer is continuously replenished by the high rainfall over the northern slopes of the Blue Mountains.

The water is naturally alkaline with a pH of usually 7.9. It is oxygenated and captured in a bottle to satisfy the thirst of your life.

The facility


The factory is operated under advanced quality control guidelines to ensure superior quality bottled water in the marketplace. The grounds, watershed and natural forest is protected to preserve the delicate balance of the environment.

water quality


The minimum rainfall at the peak of the Blue Mountains is 77 inches annually. This water is collected deep inside the mountain and travels through underground aquifers for more than 15 years finding its way to little outlets called ‘springs’ at the base of the mountain. During the period it takes to travel, this spring water collects minerals along the way and naturally filters its way to the surface. Lifespan collects the water just before it is released into the surface stream that runs below the spring.

The mineral composition is just right and it is naturally alkaline and this is what makes the quality of Lifespan Spring Water superior to all others. It is not allowed to mix with the surface water at any point during the abstraction process.. Lifespan is known for its premium quality; it is maintained in its natural state and it is a household name across the length and breadth of Jamaica being symbolic to the highest quality. Lifespan has been satisfying consumer needs for more than 12 years with its premium quality, refreshing taste and superior health benefits.