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I had no energy...I would wake in the mornings and soon after I would feel lethargic and exhausted. A friend of mine reccommended I drink a bottle of Lifespan Spring Water in the morning just before breakfast, then do the same just before lunch and dinner. I started this regiment and not only did I started feeling energetic again but I lost weight, I can now fit in my size 6 Jeans again. Lifespan Spring Water is definitely the best!


I was suffering badly from dry, cracked skin. No matter what lotion I used my skin just would not stay nourished. Then one day I saw a flyer about Lifespan Spring Water. I purchased a bottle from a Supermarket...the taste was unbelievably refreshing, so I became a regular consumer of Lifespan and to my utter amazement my skin is now smooth, beautiful and glowing and it never dries out again. Thank you Lifespan Spring Water!

Dionne,St. Ann